With a highly skilled team of designers and artisans there isn’t much we can’t do.
Top of the range and latest in CNC technology allows our team to get real creative with props and displays!

Just to name a few..

  • Movie & Performance Props
  • Themed Props
  • Stage Sets
  • Private Party Props
  • Product Modelling Prototypes
  • Club/RSL Promotional Displays
  • Visual Merchandising Product Displays
  • Festive Displays for Public Venues

Choose us for your Best Themed Prop Hire in Sydney

If you are planning to give a theme or style to your event, party, product launch, photoshoot or production, we are there to help you out. Styro Boss Creative Foam Studio is a premier prop and set expert that is dedicated to offer the best products and services to give your event an entirely new dimension.

We have the prowess in creating the best props with custom-made designs and themes that will fulfill your needs. Our skilled staff produce a wide array of props and sets that are handcrafted by them and that makes all our products unique in appearance. We never compromise in making unique pieces of props and sets, which makes us the most favourable Props in Sydney.

Our Wide Variety of Custom-Made Props and Displays

When you envisage a prop or set design we can create it according to your specifications. Whether it is a corporate event or theatrical production, we specialise in producing designs and setup of any kind of event. Our services portfolio is given above. Contact us when you plan to go for themed prop hire in Sydney and experience our exceptional service.

Our talented tradesmen have spent many hours and given tremendous effort in finding, gathering and producing distinctive pieces of props and sets. We would be glad to provide you all these to make your event even more memorable. With the help of our skilled team of experts in Styro Boss Creative Foam Studio, we can meet your specific event needs, deadlines and budget. So, we are undoubtedly your perfect choice when you opt for themed props hire in Sydney for the success of your event.

We know that you will be greatly satisfied with what we offer as much as we are happy to create and offer you our unmatched products and services.

Choose us for your next themed prop hire in Sydney and enhance the glory of your event. Call us at 0452 408 919 and get a free quote. We look forward to work with you!